Counter Culture is a Saginaw based Art Gallery and Music Venue, registered as a non-profit in the State of Michigan. With an emphasis on every area in the Humanities, Counter Culture serves as an Art Collective and social hub. It gives people from every walk of life a chance to mingle and participate in building and fortifying a healthy culture. A novice may grace the same stage that a veteran professional controlled only a week early. This gives the community the chance to see how it is done and to cut their teeth giving it a shot.

Counter Culture specializes in art receptions and music events, but it doesn’t end there. Any member of the community may propose an event and work to see it achieved. Writing workshops, social demonstrations, seminars, lectures, yoga, community bike rides, urban planning and so much more, start within the walls of Counter Culture. This is real world application of what is usually only found inside intellectual or academic circles.