We turn 3 Saturday January 6th

Hey all, 

We don't use our website as often as we use social media. Thanks for following us over there. We started our journey in 2014. But our official start was the first week of January 2015. Thanks for seeing us through three years of arts and culture!

This fall the main proprietors behind Counter Culture were absorbed into some larger companies. There has been a learning curve on making all of these things work. Their events and our own. It appears we're getting over the hill on that and we'll be back in action.

But we want to remind you, this is the Counter Culture Arts COLLECTIVE. This is a DIY/DIT space. Counter Culture is as much yours as it is anybody's. This is your year to create that event you've always wanted to. Make that piece of art, start that band, go to that protest, start that rally, buy a new bicycle. Whatever it may mean for you. We want to help. 

Get off your couch!

Been a while since we shared these principles. Ours are changing and refining year by year, but this is what got us to start. Taken from the lineage of The DAAC in Grand Rapids and  Mess Hall in Chicago (We also share some values with Silent Barn in Brooklyn and our brothers and Sisters at the Flint Local 432). 

DAAC/Mess Hall

1. We insist on neutral platforms for individual and cultural expression

2. We value spaces run by the people who use them

3. We encourage collaboration over competition

4. We support the transition from a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) attitude to a “do-it-together” (DIT) community

5. We strive to be inclusive and to interact with other groups and communities

6. We believe everyone has something to contribute

7. We believe that age should not limit participation in cultural production

8. We are committed to remaining non-commercial, independent and institutionally transparent.

9. We strive to create a safe and accessible place that emphasizes mutual respect for all

10. We believe that constructive criticism is a foundation of healthy communities


See ya at the gig baby!