Fresh This Spring!

Hello Everybody!

Just checking into remind you of some of the great stuff we have going on here. The 10th features a great pop punk show with Lowlife Productions featuring Southpaw. The 16th will boast The Crooked Youth Tour put on by Homesick Productions. Then, Monday night, we have your childhood hero, Drake Bell in the house. This show is a partnership with Excellency Music. We have a house show on the 24th featuring our dear friends in Palomino Witchcraft and Counter Culture's own, Josh Hartley. Then on the 26th we partner up with SVSU and the Roethke Festival to bring you the phenomenal poet, Douglas Kearney, all the way from California. We'll end the month with a dance put on by Peer 360 on 3/30. And somewhere in there we're getting new art from Dillon Call! He is bringing photographs attached to the Roethke Festival as well.

The Roethke Festival only happens every three years and we're very happy to partner up with them. Please make your way to their social media ( ) and better yet, make it to an event! 

Hope to see you at one of ours. And if you didn't figure it out, we love to collaborate, so please get involved. We may be able to help you achieve something you never knew, well, any of us could do!